Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    1. 1. Protection of minors
    2. 2. Tips for parents
    3. 3. Prevention and responsible gambling
      3.1. Time management
      3.2. Set limits and a gambling budget
      3.3. Be realistic
    4. 4. Responsible Gambling tools
      4.1. Deposit limits
      4.2. Activity Report
      4.3. Game session settings
      4.4. Marketing subscription
    5. 5. Responsible Gambling helpline
    6. 6. Self-Evaluation Test
    7. 7. Self-Exclusion
    8. 8. Self-prohibition - RGIAJ block
    9. 9. Support organisations
    10. 10. Studies and projects on safe gambling
    11. 11. Interwetten’s initiatives on responsible gambling

    Responsible Gambling

    Internet gambling is a form of entertainment recognized by society at large. Playing for money is exciting and entertaining when one can self-control. However, it also involves physical, mental or financial risks when done in an uncontrollable manner. Interwetten embraces its responsibility to provide a safe gambling environment very seriously. We provide our players with sufficient support and resources to educate and make players aware on how to gamble responsibly and, where necessary, assist players who develop addictive gambling habits. Prevention is key and recognizing gambling induced problems early enough is crucial. Our team is trained on detecting the warning signs and in providing support. We also work with a number of organizations who are able to provide advice on managing gambling habits and offer help and assistance. At Interwetten, we offer proactive measures and tools to prevent as much as possible the negative consequences caused by irresponsible gambling habits.

    1. Protection of minors

    Our products are not designed to attract children, adolescents or teens. We prohibit the use of our website if to minors below the age of 18 years and make every effort to avoid launching any advertising campaigns which could attract minors to play for money on our website. We actively discourage and track persons under the age of 18 who attempt to play at Interwetten by registering an account with fake details. Age verification checks are carried out with the use of sophisticated verification systems. Players are required to provide us with documentary proof of age when our automated checks are inconclusive. The gambling accounts of anyone found to be a minor will be immediately closed, any winnings forfeited, and any pending balance will be paid out. Further information on the user registration process can be found here, in the Terms & Conditions.

    We recognize that the internet is readily accessible in many homes around the world. As a result, gambling companies and parents must work together to protect children from underage gambling.

    2. Tips for parents

    To ensure the safety of your children, we recommend the below tips:
    • Installing filtering software to block minors from accessing certain websites and programs.
    • Do not leave your computer unattended when using gambling websites.
    • Limit your children’s online usage and make use of parental control systems and filtering software like Net Nanny or Cyber Sitters.
    • Protect your gambling accounts and apps with a strong password, and where possible use 2 factor authentication.
    • Avoid using your browser’s ‘save password’ option.
    • Do not allow persons under the age of 18 to participate in any gambling activity.
    • Keep your Interwetten’s account username, password, identity documents and payment method credentials out of the reach of children and minors.
    • Educate your children about the legality and the potential risks of underage gambling, including developing gambling dependencies and incurring potential gambling debts.
    Unfortunately, no system can fully prevent fraud and/or identity theft. If you know a person under the age of 18 who has registered with Interwetten, please notify us at [email protected].

    3. Prevention and responsible gambling

    We recommend you to follow the tips below whenever you are using our website to ensure you maintain healthy gambling habits:

    3.1. Time management

    • Only play when you are fully alert and, as with any other internet activities, take regular breaks between gambling sessions. Rest your eyes, stretch, stay hydrated, nourish yourself, and make sure you leave enough hours for sleeping.
    • Do not play when you are drinking alcohol, or if you are taking any medication that may influence your perception.
    • If you are feeling down, depressed or lethargic, do not play – your mood might get worse if you lose.
    • Make sure your play time does not get prioritised over your health, responsibilities, family, work commitment, studies, social life or keeping fit.
    • Remember that gambling should not be your only form of entertainment and/or hobby in life. Cannot think of anything else to do? Maybe it is time to explore a new hobby!

    3.2. Set limits and a gambling budget

    • Make use of all responsible gambling tools available - familiarise yourself with this page, set limits, go through the self-test, generate monthly activity reports, talk to us or other support groups, and self-exclude or self-prohibit yourself if you feel you are no longer in control of your gaming activities.
    • Only use money that you have allocated for entertainment and that you can afford to lose.
    • Never use money that have been allocated or put aside for any other purpose, like paying for utilities, education and/or home loans.
    • Do not borrow money from third parties in order to gamble.
    • Set yourself a reasonable budget and keep track of the amounts spent on gambling activities.
    The most entertaining form of gambling as a past time is one where the player is in control, in terms of time and money spent on gambling related activities. If you are unable to self-control your spending or the time you spent gambling, this can imply that you are not in control. Lack of self-control can develop a gambling addiction, which may lead to personal and social problems and affect not only you, but also your loved ones.

    3.3. Be realistic

    • Play with moderation - remember that gambling is a form of entertainment and not a reliable and/or secure way of making money.
    • Before you play a new game, make sure you are familiar with the rules of the game.
    • Gambling is a matter of chance and there are no “magic” formulas that guarantee you will win or make large profits.
    • Stick to your own limits. Even if you suffer losses, do not try to chase your losses.

    4. Responsible Gambling tools

    4.1. Deposit limits

    Interwetten offers its customers the possibility to limit their deposits, either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When a player registers a new account on, in line with the applicable Spanish regulations, default deposit limits are set as follows on all accounts upon successful registration:


    Maximum limit amount

    Time period calculation



    Current day 00:00:00 until 23:59:59



    Monday 00:00:00 until Sunday 23:59:59



    01.XX. 00:00:00 until 31:XX. 23:59:59 (last day of the month is valid, depending on the month)

    The total maximum deposit amount cannot exceed €3,000 each month.

    When logged in, players can decrease the default deposit limit at any time by clicking on the Player Protection Page and selecting the Limits Overview section from here. The limits set are effective immediately.

    If you wish to increase your deposit limit, we recommend that you carefully consider if you comfortably afford doing so. To be eligible to increase or remove your deposit limit, you must first go through, and pass the responsible gambling test and our analysis. If, after passing the test and following our review, we are of the view that there are no signs of gambling addiction, the new deposit limits will be in force after 3 days.

    We cannot increase your deposit limit if you fail the test. You will only be able to raise another request to increase your deposit limits after 3 months. When a customer who has not passed the responsible gambling test, makes a new request in order to remove or increase their deposit limit, further procedures (including the notification of such request and the results of the additional analysis to the DGOJ) will follow.

    4.2. Activity Report

    Information related to your gambling activity, including deposits, withdrawals and bets placed is available in your account. Logged in players may choose to receive monthly activity reports from the Player Protection Page

    4.3. Game session settings

    Before starting a new gaming session, players must also choose the maximum duration (in minutes), maximum amount, and must also select the frequency of notifications they wish to receive – whether every 5, 10 or 15 minutes. We also provide the details of the last gaming session in terms of rounds played, stakes and wins. At the end of each gaming session, we show a summary of the player’s gambling activity.

    If you wish, you can also set gaming blocks or a cool-off period – which is a defined length of time in which you are barred from playing.

    4.4. Marketing subscription

    Logged in customers may also unsubscribe from all forms of advertising, such as newsletters and promotional emails etc., at any time by accessing the Settings section from their account and unticking the option/s accordingly.

    5. Responsible Gaming helpline

    If you need to talk to someone on responsible gambling tools or on your gambling habit and/or behaviour, call us on (+34) 621622117. Via this helpline, our specialised and trained team of Spanish speaking representatives can offer you information on the potential risks associated with gambling, information on how to complete the self-evaluation test, information on how to self-exclude or self-prohibit your account, public services that can offer assistance on gambling disorders and treatment centres under the National Health Service.

    6. Self-Evaluation Test

    Do not be embarrassed to ask for help when you need it. There are certain behaviours that may indicate one might have or is developing problematic gambling behaviour. If you are worried that you or others might have a gambling problem, asking thought provoking questions can help you identify your behaviour. We encourage you to go through Jugar BIEN’s NODS self-evaluation questionnaire from the following link:

    This questionnaire is based on DSM-IV (“Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”) criteria for detecting pathological gambling problems (American Psychiatric Association 1994) and was originally developed by the National Opinion Research Center (“NORC”) to advise the National Commission for the Study of the Impact of Gambling in the USA. The more affirmative responses, the larger the possibility that you might have a problem with gambling and therefore should consider seeking help.

    7. Self-Exclusion

    Sometimes, responsible gambling means taking the decision not to gamble. Responsible gambling is that in which the person makes decisions while conscious of the circumstances and in control of the time and the money they gamble with. People who gamble responsibly predetermine how often they gamble, how much money and time they will spend and when they will stop.

    If gambling is impacting your life negatively, that indicates a problem. We recommend you to use the self-exclusion option to limit or block the account, or even registering on the DGOJ’s RGIAJ register, as we will detail in the following section. If you wish or feel the need to ‘detox’ from gambling for a while, we offer the option to self-exclude yourself, either temporarily or permanently.
    • Temporary self-exclusion:
      Select the timeframe that you wish – choose between self-excluding your account for a couple of days, weeks or years.
    • Permanent self-exclusion:
      With this option, your account will be permanently self-excluded.
    When logged in, self-exclusion can be set from the Player Protection Page from here. If you require assistance, please contact our Customer Service team on [email protected].

    For the duration of the self-exclusion, customers will not be able to access any of our gambling products, bet or place new deposits. Players cannot reactivate their account until the expiry of the date set. As soon as the account is closed, and to the extent as this is possible according to the applicable regulations, any remaining funds will be transferred to the player’s bank account.

    8. Self-prohibition – RGIAJ block

    The General Register of Gambling Access Bans (“RGIAJ”) is a system that prohibits the access of the persons there registered, to the games where the competent Public Administration has determined that the player must be previously identified, to make effective the right of the citizens to be prohibited from participating in gambling activities. The register is maintained by the DGOJ and contains the details of the Spanish citizens who have either decided to ban themselves from gambling or were ordered to do so following a court order. The registration in the RGIAJ can be done in person by presenting the RGIAJ formulary in any of the registers provided in the article 16.4, Law 39/2015, on Internet through the electronic register of the DGOJ, or on the mobile app “DNIe autoprohibidos” (available for Android devices). For further information, please visit

    The registration in the RGIAJ is for an indefinite period. Notwithstanding, a cancellation can be requested after 6 months have elapsed. This registration implies that the person submitting the prohibition request is also authorising other gambling operators in Spain to suspend any existing gambling accounts.

    We at Interwetten, have ongoing checks that cross-checks our players’ details against the RGIAJ’s register. If we find a positive match, we will notify you accordingly and suspend your account. For the duration of the RGIAJ block, we will ensure you are able to withdraw any pending balance you may have on your account. However, you will not be allowed to place new bets or make new deposits and you will not receive any marketing material from us either. Following 6 months, if you feel that you are now in a position to control your gambling, you can opt out again. You can watch this video for further information on the opt-in and opt-out feature –

    9. Support organisations

    If you feel you may be experiencing any gambling addictions, or if you have reason to believe that someone in your family or circle of friends may be getting into financial difficulties due to excessive gambling, please consider contacting any of the following free of charge independent and recognised organizations for problem gambling:

    Gamblers Anonymous

    +34 670 691 513

    Gambling Therapy

    [email protected]

    Jugar Bien

    The official website created by the DGOJ for responsible gambling assistance.

    For further assistance, we encourage you to visit Jugar BIEN’s interactive map from here that shows the National Health System structures that are available per area.

    10. Studies and projects on safe gambling

    If you wish to read about the risks irresponsible gambling can have, we encourage you to go through the following studies: You can also look up more studies by using the Ministerio de Sanidad’s search function from here.

    11. Interwetten’s initiatives on responsible gambling

    In 2024, one of Interwetten’s aims is to continue creating and maintaining a safe gambling environment for our players. We plan to do so by investing in automated software and additional tools that continue enabling us to detect problem gambling and alert our players immediately, as well as investing in extensive training initiatives to ensure our personnel are highly equipped to support our players, and also by collaborating with industry support groups.

    As a Group, in 2023 we participated in the European Gambling & Betting Association’s (“EGBA”) European Safer Gambling Week.

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