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Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    Playing for money is exciting and entertaining, but it also involves risks. Therefore, Interwetten takes its responsible gaming policy very serious.

    Internet gaming is a form of entertainment recognized by society at large. It is also understood, however, that responsible operators have to ensure that there is support and help if a client develops a gaming problem.

    Interwetten goes to considerable length so as to provide its customers with sufficient information in order to recognize a gaming problem early enough. Our personnel is trained to be aware of these risks and cooperates with organizations involved in providing advice on gaming. We also offer proactive measures to prevent the negative consequences of exaggerated gaming, such as stake limitation, in addition to the mandatory general deposit limitation and account blocking in accordance with the applicable regulations.


    Interwetten embraces its responsibility with respect to responsible gaming by means of the following guidelines:



    We recommend that you comply with the following rules whenever you are using our site:

    • Play in moderation and do not forget that gaming is a form of entertainment and not a genuine way of making money
    • Gaming is a matter of chance and there are no “magic” formulas that guarantee winnings
    • Make sure you know the rules of the games you play
    • Play when you are alert and, as with any other internet activity, take regular breaks
    • Don’t play when drinking alcohol or taking any medication that may influence your perception
    • If you are feeling down and depressed, do not play
    • Set personal stake limits in addition to the mandatory deposit limits
    • Use only funds that are available for entertainment. Never stake funds that have been allocated to any other purpose
    • Do not borrow money from third parties in order to play
    • Set yourself a budget and keep track of the amounts spent
    • Stick to your own limits even if you suffer losses

    A adult can experience the fun and excitement of winning with Interwetten.

    As with almost all things in life, however, betting and gambling should be enjoyed within reasonable limits. Self-controlled gaming is entertaining. It is very important though that every player keeps control over this pastime in terms of extent, frequency and financial implications.

    Unrestrained gaming and/or wagers in excess of the bettor’s actual financial capacity can imply that the person’s self-control is insufficient. If the attraction of gaming is stronger than the individual’s self-control, a gaming addiction may lead to personal and social problems.

    Interwetten has no intention of patronizing its customers. The company’s definition of social responsibility is based on the responsible attitude of its customers. On the other hand, Interwetten offers a wide-ranging set of measures for customers who wish to control their gaming behaviour.


    Deposit Limits:

    Interwetten offers its customers the possibility to limit their deposits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The default settings for deposits on a new account are set as follows:

    A weekly limit of maximum 1,500 EUROs

    A daily limit of maximum 600 EUROs

    A monthly limit of maximum 3,000 EUROs.

    The total maximum deposit amount cannot exceed 3,000 EUROs per month.

    The periods are defined as follows:
    Daily = current day 00:00:00 until 23:59:59
    Weekly = Monday 00:00:00 until Sunday 23:59:59
    Monthly = 01.XX. 00:00:00 until 31:XX. 23:59:59 (the last day of the month is valid, depending on the month)

    Interwetten customers can decrease their Deposit Limit at any time and this will be applied immediately.

    Before increasing a Deposit Limit, Interwetten recommends that careful consideration on the affordability of doing so is done and that the decision for doing so  is never for chasing losses. Interwetten will require that players who demand the increase or elimination of their personal deposit limit pass a gaming addiction test. Should the customers not pass the said test, Interwetten shall refrain from increasing such limits. If the customer passes such test, the new limits will get in force after 3 days. In case a customer does not pass the test, they will only be allowed to make a similar request after 3 months. When a customer who has not passed the gaming addiction test, makes a new request in order to eliminate or increase their deposit limit, further procedures (including the notification of such request and the results of the additional analysis to the General Directorate for Regulation of Gambling (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego) ) will follow. Should the results of this analysis imply that the deposit limits can be eliminated or increased, such elimination or increase will get in force after 3 days.

    Customers may not apply for an increase of their established limits within three months of the most recent increase requested.

    Last but not least, customers may also unsubscribe from all forms of advertising (newsletter etc.) at any time.



    If you are worried that you yourself or others might have a gaming problem, running through this self-test might be indicative.

    1. Do you find yourself remembering past gaming experiences or planning the next time you will play or think about new ways to obtain money for playing?
    2. Have you ever wagered more money than planned?
    3. Do you try to control, interrupt, or stop playing?
    4. Does interrupting or stopping playing irritate or disturb you?
    5. Do you play to forget problems?
    6. Do you fund your gaming activities by borrowing money from relatives, by taking up loans, or with money obtained by fraudulent activities, fraud or theft?
    7. Did you ever argue about your gaming pattern with people close to you, like e.g. your family?
    8. Do you always play until all of your credit has gone?
    9. Has gambling ever caused you to lie to people close to you?
    10. Does your mind ever wander to gaming while you are supposed to be concentrating on other things?
    11. After losing, do you have a pressing urge to recuperate your losses immediately by gaming again?
    12. Does gaming make you neglect your job, studies or family duties?
    13. Do you have to keep increasing your wager in order to maintain the same level of enjoyment ?
    14. Did it ever cross your mind to obtain money illegally in order to play?
    15. Has gaming ever made you feel guilty? Or does it cause you anxiety?
    16. Have your gaming activities ever led to health problems?
    17. Have you ever had the feeling that you have a gaming problem?
    18. Have you ever asked somebody to help you because of problems resulting from your gaming activities?

    The more affirmative responses, the larger the possibility that you might have a problem with gambling and therefore should consider seeking help.


    Self-Exclusion on WWW.INTERWETTEN.ES

    Responsible gambling is that in which the person makes decisions while conscious of the circumstances and in control of the time and the money they gamble. People that gamble responsibly predetermine how often they gamble, how much money and time they will spend and when they will stop. Sometimes, responsible gambling means making the decision not to gamble.

    Therefore, Interwetten customers may, at any time, request the closure of their accounts for a pre-defined cooling-off period or for an undefined or permanent period. For the duration of the account closure, customers will not be able to access any of our gaming products. To do so, please contact our customer service team on [email protected] who will help you in this process at any time.

    If gambling is impacting your life negatively, that indicates a problem. It is recommended that customers make use of the option to limit or block their account or even registering on the Gambling list of Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego as we will detail in the following section. This list is entirely anonymous and guarantees personal protection rights.

    Please be reassured that customers who have blocked their accounts for problem gambling or register with the Excluded General Registry cannot re-activate their accounts again, and no further payments will be accepted on these accounts. As soon as the account is closed, and to the extent as this is possible according to the applicable regulations, any remaining funds will be transferred to your bank account. Customers with blocked accounts will no longer be able to access any of the games played for real money.


    Self-prohibition through the registration before the General Register of Gaming Access Bans (RGIAJ)

    To request to be prohibited to access any online gambling activity you can do so by registering to the General Register of Gaming Access Bans (RGIAJ), available in the following link

    You can register in the RGIAJ online or in person. Likewise, please be informed that such registering will have an indefinite duration. However, it can always be cancelled 6 months after the registering.


    Protection of minors

    We do not accept under-age clients and make every effort to avoid advertising which could attract minors to play for money. We make it clear to our customers that they are subject to the respective national legal requirements regarding the necessary minimum age. Irrespective of national age regulations, however, we do not accept minors below the age of 18 years. If you want to ensure that no underage person around you uses your computer, you will find professional help by clicking onto

    Our products are not designed to attract children or adolescents. We actively discourage and track persons under the age of 18 who attempt to play at Interwetten. With the use of sophisticated verification systems where age verification checks are carried out and documentary proof of age are requested where checks are inconclusive. The accounts of anyone found to be a minor with Interwetten will be immediately closed and winnings forfeited.

    Nevertheless, we recognize that the internet is readily accessible in many homes around the world. As a result, gaming companies and parents must work together to protect children from underage gambling. To ensure the safety of your children, we recommend installing filtering software to block minors from accessing certain websites and programs.


    More tips for parents:

    • Do not leave children unattended near your computer when using our site.
    • Do make use of easy-to-use monitoring applications like e.g.
    • Protect your gaming programs with password access.
    • Do not allow persons under 18 to participate in any gaming activity.
    • Keep your Interwetten username, password and deposit details out of the reach of children.
    • Educate your children about the legality and the potential risk of underage gaming.
    • Unfortunately, no system can prevent fraud and identity theft. If you know a person under the age of 18 who is registered with Interwetten, please notify our service department at [email protected].


    Support and Advise

    Interwetten provides its customers with contact information of external service providers in order to ensure professional support in the field of responsible gaming.

    If you feel you may suffer from any gaming addiction, or if you believe that someone in your family or circle of friends may be getting into financial difficulties due to exaggerated gaming, please contact the following independent organizations for problem gambling help and assistance in many languages, including Spanish, and free of charge to Interwetten customers.


    Gamblers Anonymous                                     

    +34 670 691 513

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