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Ice Hockey


Formula 1




Last Minute

00h 04m

Golden State Warriors 1,95


Los Angeles Clippers 1,75

00h 04m Los Angeles Kings - San Jose Sharks

Los Angeles Kings 2,30

X 3,80

San Jose Sharks 2,45

00h 04m

Xue/Xia (CHN) 1,15


Nyström/Nyström (FIN) 4,00

00h 04m

Mersmann/Schneider (GER) 1,20


Take/Mizoe (JAP) 3,60

00h 04m

Braakman/Van der Vlist (NED) 1,55


Schützenhofer/Plesiutschnig (AUT) 2,10

00h 04m

Salgado Rufino/Carolina (BRA) 1,25


Bieneck/Großner (GER) 3,20

00h 34m

Lu Y. 1,35


Ito Tatsuma 2,70

00h 54m

Radarong/Udomchavee (THA) 1,90


Kolosinska/Brzostek (POL) 1,70

00h 54m

Menegatti/Orsi Toth (ITA) 1,75


Wang Fan/Yue (CHN) 1,85

00h 54m

Gioria/Giombini (ITA) 1,60


Revuelta/Candelas (MEX) 2,00

00h 54m

Meppelink/Van Iersel (NED) 1,75


Ukolova/Prokopeva (RUS) 1,85

01h 22m

NSW Swifts 1,15


Southern Steel 4,00

01h 34m

Reid M. 2,90


Lacko Lukas 1,30

01h 44m

Elwin/Iatika (VUT) 3,80


Goricanec/Hueberli (SUI) 1,17

01h 44m

Agatha/Barbara Seixas (BRA) 1,33


Fopma/Pavlik (USA) 2,80

01h 44m

Hochevar/Carico (USA) 1,33


Bonnerova/Hermannova (CZE) 2,80

01h 44m

Walsh/Ross (USA) 1,05


Klug/Gallay (ARG) 6,00

02h 14m

Collingwood Magpies 1,60


Essendon Bombers 2,00

02h 34m

Muller Gilles 1,40


Zhang, ZE 2,50

03h 09m Blues - Waratahs

Blues 1,90

X 17,00

Waratahs 1,80

03h 34m St George Illawarra Dragons - Sydney Roosters

St George Illawarra Dragons 2,50

X 20,00

Sydney Roosters 1,45

03h 54m

Moriya H. 2,50


Chiudinelli M. 1,40

05h 14m Brumbies - Chiefs

Brumbies 1,65

X 17,00

Chiefs 2,10

05h 19m

St Kilda Saints 1,33


Brisbane Lions 2,80

05h 34m Melbourne Storm - New Zealand Warriors

Melbourne Storm 1,30

X 20,00

New Zealand Warriors 3,10

06h 34m

Hawkins B. 1,55


Walden R. 2,10

06h 34m

Rosol, Lukas 1,82


Simon Gilles 1,82

07h 34m Brisbane Broncos - South Sydney Rabbitohs

Brisbane Broncos 1,95

X 17,00

South Sydney Rabbitohs 1,75

08h 14m

Fremantle Dockers 1,25


North Melbourne Kangaroos 3,20

09h 04m

Nestor D / Zimonjic N 1,60


Bopanna R / Qureshi A U H 2,00

09h 04m Tanjong - Tampines

Tanjong 3,90

X 3,60

Tampines 1,70

09h 34m

Dodig I / Melo M 1,50


Kubot L / Lindstedt R 2,20

09h 34m

Muguruza Blanco G. 1,25


Peer S. 3,40

09h 34m Angusht Nazran - Shinnik Jaroslavl

Angusht Nazran 4,60

X 3,40

Shinnik Jaroslavl 1,60

09h 49m DPMM FC - Balestier

DPMM FC 1,40

X 3,90

Balestier 6,00

10h 34m

Gomez, Emilio 2,90


Elias Gastao 1,30

10h 34m Pescara - Novara

Pescara 2,10

X 2,90

Novara 3,40

10h 34m

Pella G. 1,70


Gonzalez M. 1,90

10h 34m Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk - Gazovik Orenburg

Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk 2,20

X 3,00

Gazovik Orenburg 2,90

10h 34m Denmark (U18) - Germany (U18)

Denmark (U18) 3,80

X 4,60

Germany (U18) 1,60

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