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Cross Country Skiing - World Cup Women bets

Sprint (F) Women Tallinn - Winner



Tallinn (EST), Sprint F

Sundling, Jonna 2.00

Skistad, Kristine Stavaas 2.00

Dahlqvist, Maja 8.25

Fahndrich, Nadine 16.00

Diggins, Jessica 37.00

Weng, Tiril Udnes 43.00

Lundgren, Moa 55.00

Gimmler, Laura 70.00

Kern, Julia 70.00

Myhre, Julie 70.00

Myhrvold, Mathilde 70.00

Ilar, Moa 85.00

Rydzek, Colleta 85.00

Weng, Lotta Udnes 110.00

Hagstrom, Johanna 110.00

Brennan, Rosie 130.00

Melling, Maria Hartz 130.00

Krehl, Sofie 225.00

Carl, Victoria 225.00

Stenseth, Ane Appelkvist 225.00

Janatova, Katerina 225.00

Quintin, Lena 225.00

Eiduka, Patricija 275.00

Meier, Alina 275.00

Fischer, Lea 275.00

Team Sprint (F) Women Lahti - Winner
20km (C) Mass Start Women Lahti - Winner